3D paper design - pop-up cards and books

Our company name, Leporello, means pop-up book in Czech, and internationally refers to printed material, folded like a concertina. The name is thought to originate from the name of a servant in Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, which premiered in Prague in the 1780s and so has a deep historical connection with the city and our art.

Although for many Czechs, Leporellos are children’s books or strips of folded postcards for tourists, there has been a long tradition of POP-UP PICTURE BOOKS in the country. This was further developed in the 20th century by the architect and artist Vojtěch Kubašta. Kubašta developed 3D illustrations that jumped out of his books and PAPER DIORÁMA with moveable figures on tabs and levers. The Czech tradition of moveable book illustrations made a key contribution to the modern art of 3D paper design.

We at Leporello continue the tradition, and have even taken the art into the world of film. We provided an animated feature of a movable book for the 1994 film Accumulator 1, directed by Jan Svěrák. We took Matěj Forman’s original illustrations and converted them into a sequence showing the book’s workings. Although the book had been produced solely for the film, it proved so popular that it was later published in its own right.

3D PAPER ANIMATION is a great way to get your messages to stand out (literally!). We can help you take your books, leaflets and promotional material into the third dimension. Don’t over-think your project. Bring your ideas and 2D illustrations if you have them, and we’ll come up with a "blind" 3D model as the structure for your art work.

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If you are looking for ways to enrich book illustrations, leaflets, or any kind of promotional material, try adding 3D PAPER ANIMATION. It's original and eye-catching, and we can help. Contact us for more information or read about our offering under HOW TO BUY