3D paper design - pop-up cards and books
Our 3D PAPER DESIGN services range from multi-dimensional art, through small series production items, to inspiring products for children. The best-known example of 3D paper design is probably origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. The lesser-known Kirigami, also from Japan, incorporates cutting (kiri) into the paper folding technique.

Leporello has now expanded its range to include fine art pieces made of specialty paper, including graphical designs and Japanese hand-made washi paper. Our website features original designs from Leporello; prices (including VAT) indicate items available to order now. Please note that shipping costs are not included.

ANIMALS CUT-OUTS are the first in a new series of work books from Leporello. The first book, which is bilingual, with instructions in English and Czech, contains 38 animal models. Similar cut-outs by Leporello’s Hana Vyoralová were produced for number of years for the children´s magazine, Sluníčko, where the models were a regular feature.

The models are easy to cut out and assemble, requiring almost no glue. They are suitable for children from five years of age. Older children may be inspired to copy the template outlines and make their own versions, coloring them in with their own designs. The book’s perforated pages make it easy to remove individual sheets without damaging the book. For more inspiration, there is a short adaptation of a fairytale at the back of the book.

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New 3D PAPER DESIGN can be produced in collaboration with you. Send us your ideas and we will make a proposal.