3D paper design - pop-up cards and books
In our GALLERY you will find a selection of miscellaneous projects and designs, items that did not fit into the other categories :-)

A word from Hana, our chief designer:

“When someone asks me about my profession, I like to say that I am a "factory artisan". I honor the traditions from when craftsmanship was a trade and skills were passed from master to apprentice for the production of items for everyday use. As I had no master, I took inspiration from the things around me, techniques and designs I found attractive and useful. I am inspired by beauty, but am rooted in the practical. Shape is the dominant trait, whether in paper or ceramics, and color is a useful complement. I like practical simplicity but keep away from stereotypes. In other words I like to make things that are simple, beautiful and bring some practical use to everyday life.”
In a GALLERY you will find everything that did not fit into the other categories :-)