3D paper design - packaging, cards and books

CUSTOM PACKAGING – Initial cost estimates are offered free of charge, based on the following criteria: 1. The dimensions of the required packaging or contents , i.e., the length, width and height; 2. The number of pieces (minimum order is 300 units); 3. The printing specification; 4. Your chosen theme, which can be submitted as a picture, link, or written brief. Using this information, and a brief description of the purpose of the packaging (hand-delivered/posted gift, display case presentation, etc.), we will come up with a proposal.

CARDS – To order cards shown on this website, please send an email to EMAIL ADDRESS HERE, including : 1. Your name; 2. The number of pieces required (minimum order is 200 cards); 3. The number of colors in the print. We will send you a free cost estimate.

For custom cards, for example for promotional purposes, including your logo etc., please send us a description of your requirements and the number of pieces you need.

PAPER FOLDINGS AND POP-UP BOOKS - 3D paper models can be produced in collaboration with you. Send us your ideas and we will make a proposal.

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